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Product Us - Pulse Oxymeters

AH-N595/600/600N Nellcor Pulse Oxymeter


As the cornerstone of the revolutionary OxiMax@ Pulse Oximetry Systenu the OxiMax N.595 pulse Oximeter combines Nellcor’s bestin class pulse oximetry with the versatile OxiMax monitoring platform. The motion tolerant OxiMax N•595 Pulse Oximeter is equipped with Nellcor’s most advanced signal processing technology, which enables it to withstand the most challenging monitoring conditions with substantially greater accuracy than conventionalpulse oximetry. The N595 Pulse Oximeter also includes SatSecondsw Alarm Management technology, an innovative feature for managing nuisance alarms without sacrificing patient safety. Highly Advanced Motion, Tolerant Technology. The OxiMax N.5g5 Pulse Oximeter incorporates Nellcor’s latest algorithms for conquering thesedifficult conditions. That means you can expect accurate, reliable operation in a wide range of patient situations, even when faced with patient motion and low perfusion at the same time.

AH-Masimo Radical Pulse Oxymeter


Radical is the most advanced, yet flexible pulse oximeter in the world. In addition to being themost feature.packed, stand.alone pulse oximeter available, Radical can operate in two additional modes. The front module of Radical can be removed, creating a fully featured handheld pulse oximeter, ideal for transport. Radical can also be used to upgrade existing equipment through the sensor connector, thus not requiring additinal hardware or software upgrades to the performance of your current multiparameter monitor to Masimo SET.

AH-CMS5100™ Pulse Oxymeter


7 segment LEDS for systolic pressure, diastolic pressure SP02 and pulse rate 2.4″ color LCD for waveforms, bargraphic, trend and system menu Weight : 1.15 kg Dimension : 232 mmx 198 mm x 75 mm Method : Oscillometry Operation modes : Manual/Automatic Auto Measure time : IN250 minutes adjustable, interval 5 minutes Measurement range :10w270mmHg Over pressure protection : Yes Alarm : Systolic, Diastolic, Mean, PR, SP02 High bright LEDS display Of NIBP,SP02 and pulse rate High resolution color LCD for trend tabular and SP02 waveforms display Manual/auto/continuous measurement of NIBP Adjustable audible and visual Alarms Up to 2000 groups NIBP data storage or SP02 data up to 10 hours Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient