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Product Us - Auto Clave Machine

AH-HAC01 Horizontal Auto Clave


Chamber And All Parts Made From SS 304 Grade Material
Preprogrammed Air Removal Pocket Before Sterilization & Built Drving Facility After Sterilintimn To Get Your Matæial Central Locking System Provided For Safety Machine In Operatim Mode In Built Boiler Provided With Every Model.
The Touch-screen For Visual Process Control And Connections For Measuring Signals
Printers Printing Facility Control In Case Of Heat Labile Materials
ContaminatiM1 Seal To Prevent Cross-nmv Of Air Between The Clean And Unclean Area.
Double With Sliding
Full Body
Hinged Door

AH-VAC02 Vertical Auto Clave


AH-VAC03 : Single Drum Autoclave
AH-VAC04 : Double Drum Autoclave
AH-VAC05 : Triple Drum Autoclave